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Based in New Delhi, Inter Protect Marine (IPM) was established in 2012 by ex-Master Mariner Capt Sunil Kumar Chaudhary. Our mission is to train and deliver the best Indian Maritime Security Operators in the Private Maritime Security Industry to provide security for transits through High Risk Areas.

Historically we have deployed with a 100% success rate a team from India on as little as 48-72 hours notice for just under 2400 transits. Where necessary we also provide end to end travel arrangements for the MSOs through our in house 24x7 travel department.

We are the first and oldest supplier of Maritime Security Officers in India with well over 300 highly trained men on our roster. Our men are ex Indian Army/Navy with a minimum of 5 years Military / Naval regular service with an excellent track record. Many of them have experience in counter insurgency / anti terrorist operations as well. All of our men undergo extensive background checks as well as being gauged on appearance, communication in English, attitude, aptitude and fitness. IPM is the only company in India providing MSOs trained to the same internationally accredited standards as their UK counterparts and we pride ourselves on providing quality personnel at a fair price.

Formerly, and up until 2016 Inter Protect Marine supplied 100% of Ambrey Risk’s contingent of Indian Maritime Security Officers and Team Leaders. We are now direct suppliers of guards to the wider maritime security market. Our men have been used aboard vessels operated directly or chartered by the largest companies in the industry including among others, Shell, Exxon and TORM.

As of early 2016 we have completed 2,378 transits for a total of 87,146 transit days. Of these 2,066 were mixed teams and 312 were all Indian.