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Our Officers

All officers have an active military background with 95% of our officers having over 16 years of military service. Our minimum military service requirement is 5 years. Over 80% of our officers are also trained in anti-terrorist and counter insurgency operations.

The breakdown of officer backgrounds is as follows:
Army 70% Navy 27% Air Force 3%

With our solid training and vetting regimen you and your clients can rest assured there has been no relaxing of standards. All certifications are carefully vetted by our Recruitment and Training department. We screen extensively against forged documents from officer candidates. Candidates with minor training inadequacies are offered a chance to come up to standard qualifications. We also offer complete process transparency and documentation audit trails for everything we do.

In addition to clean discharge books, good bearing and spoken English, the officers hold valid passports, CDCs, STCW95s, ENG1s, Danish medical certificates, weapons handling, psych evaluations, reference letters, and police clearance certificates. Many also have additional specialized training for Ship Security Officer (SSO) and Designated Ship Security Duties (DSSD).

Maritime Security Officers showing the right aptitude and initiative in our ranks will over time achieve the rank of Team Leader after multiple successful transits, an excellent track record, and significant additional training in weapons handling, threat assessment and crew briefings.

Our Maritime Security Officers have done tours with all the major clients in the industry including Exxon, TORM, Shell charters, etc. As suppliers to major industry players we have been audited to ISO28007 standards every 6 months and passed with flying colors.